Furrion Access 4G LTE/WiFi Dual Band Portable Router with 1GB of Data Included. Works Omni-Direction Rooftop Antenna to Provide high-Speed Internet connectivity on The go – FAN17B83 , White

Price: $360.95 - $272.66
(as of Feb 23,2023 06:50:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Furrion AccessFurrion Access

Furrion RouterFurrion Router

Easy ConnectivityEasy Connectivity


Milti-Device SupportMilti-Device Support

High Speed & Easy Connectivity

The LTE Wi-Fi Router provides speeds up to 150Mbps and auto-switch between 4G and Wi-Fi. Supports Dual-band Wi-Fi, both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

VibrationSmart Technology

Built with Furrion VibrationSmarttechnology to withstand constant vibrations and ensure stable connection while traveling on the road.

Milti-Device Support

Connects up to 32 devices at a time and has a Wi-Fi extender for improved signal strength. It also comes with 2x Ethernet ports for wired connections.

Furrion Access Rooftop AntennaFurrion Access Rooftop Antenna

Easy InstallationEasy Installation

Auto Switch 4G - Wi-FiAuto Switch 4G - Wi-Fi

Secure NetworkSecure Network

Nationwide 4G LTENationwide 4G LTE

Comes with an elegant Slide-in Design that ensures easy installation with the ceiling mount bracket from Furrion Access’s Omni-directional Rooftop Antenna

Furrion Access Router will automatically switch between 4G or nearby Wi-Fi using your connection history to provide an uninterrupted, secure connection.

Works exclusively with the Furrion Access’s Omni-directional Rooftop Antenna and has a built-in firewall to provide you with a secure and private network.

Enjoy nationwide 4G LTE coverage with speeds up to 150Mbps. 4G LTE signals make Furrion Access a unique solution on the market that can ensure your RV is always connected wherever you go.


WORKS WITH FURRION ACCESS ANTENNA: Works exclusively with Furrion Omni-directional rooftop antenna (FAN73B7C) to keep you fully connected when you’re on the move.
EXTENDED WIFI AND 4G: The LTE Wi-Fi Router provides speeds up to 150Mbps (support LTE Band 2/4/13) and has a Wi-Fi range extender for improved signal strength. Allows you to connect up to 30 devices and auto-switch between 4G and WiFi.
WiFI NETWORK SECURITY: Allows you to connect to available 2.4GHz and 5 GHz WiFi signals and gives you peace of mind with WiFi network security features and security firewall. Auto-detects web login and security check and supports WPS.
DURABLE & VERSATILE DESIGN: Comes with Furrion VibrationSmart technology to withstand constant vibrations and has a slide-in design for easy installation. Includes 2 x Gigabit ethernet connections to provide wired connections to multiple devices easily.
EASILY TOP-UP DATA: First 1 GB of data is included with the router. Additional cellular data can be purchased through Furrion App, Website and call center. Prices are as follows: 14.99 for 0.5GB, 19.99 for 1GB, 34.99 for 3GB, 49.99 for 5GB, 64.49 for 10GB (prices in dollars) of Data.