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Nobsound E6 Direct Heated Vacuum Tube Preamp Class A Stereo Audio Pre-Amplifier

Price: $59.99
(as of Jan 17,2023 12:45:55 UTC – Details)

Warm Tips
1. Please note this is a tube preamp, not a headphone amplifier. And NOT include power adapter, you can use phone charger or power bank or computer to power it.
2. If you plug vacuum tubes out, please note there are two pins with two black dots and insert them into the holes on both sides of the protruding sockets. Wrong insertion will cause damage.

Audio input: standard stereo L/R RCA
Audio output: standard stereo L/R RCA
Voltage amplification: about 6 times (15.6dB)
Anode supply voltage: DC 105V (don’t touch the socket when E6 is powered)
Filament cathode supply voltage: DC 2.2V
Frequency response: 20Hz-30KHz
Signal to noise ratio: ≥90DB
Input voltage: DC 5V-5.5mm*2.5mm (>350mA)
Dimension(W*D*H): 68*116*65mm / 2.68*4.57*2.56in (including tubes)
Net weight: 260g / 0.57lb
Package weight: 400g / 0.88lb

Packing List
1*E6 Tube Preamp
1*USB to DC Cable
1*User Manual

Nobsound E6 adopts direct heated vacuum tubes, because of difficulties in the control of noise level degree and the balance degree of high, medium and low frequency, and excessive drive current easily affects the balance, this type of tube preamp is rare in the market, but the sound is absolutely amazing compared with in-directly heated tubes, the sound is so elegant and beautiful that nobody can escape from its intoxicating timbre.
Amazing direct heated tubes design: this type features excellent characteristics, greater control ability and linearity, much ultra-low distortion, more transparent sound and little background noise. The sound is full of space sense with rich details, extended and delicate high frequency, full and mellow mid frequency.
Vintage and pluggable 2J27S vacuum tube: military-grade tube with strong quality, adopts pure ceramic tube socket with anti-oxidation contact to ensure the best insulation performance.
Standard RCA connectors and strong compatibility: perfectly work with digital audio source such as phone, MP3, computer, CD, DVD etc. to filter out the digital feeling to get warm and sweet sound, greatly improve the sound for headphone amplifier, power amplifier or active speakers.
Mini size with exquisite appearance: compact design adopts metal case and thickened golden panels with better shielding performance, power switch and volume control are integrated into one knob for convenient use, retro slight light red filament inside tubes decorates audio system mystically.