AWOLIMEI M1 Green Windshield Projection Heads Up Display, Digital GPS Speedometer with Speed, Travel Direction Function, ect. Suitable for All Vehicles (M1 Green)

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Product Description


Projection type Direct display Direct display Direct display Direct display

Screen display
2 4 4 9 4

Fatigued driving alert

Speeding alarm

Tilt meters

M1 Windscreen Head-Up Display


What is hud?

hud is short for heads up display, a beautiful and compact multifunction speedometer that is mounted on a car and can read speed, time, display direction and distance with a reminder function. the AWOLIMEI team is committed to bringing the best products to the forefront, providing 24/7 assistance to all customers and answering their questions with the aim of spreading our products head-up display to every corner of the world. Each different type of hud has its own role to play. It prevents the driver from looking down at the dashboard dangerously and protects road safety, making it an essential helper for driving.

The product on this page M1 is a newly developed speedometer that uses windscreen projection to present data clearly in front of the driver’s eyes. M1 is designed to be compact and does not take up much space, with large fonts projected clearly, and can be placed directly on the dashboard. The M1 comes with its own light shield, integrated design, covering the display panel light, no dazzling night driving.

Why should I buy a hud?

Some people may ask why do I need this device when I already have a dashboard in my car. In fact, another reason for our hud design concept is to make it as a car ornament, think about it, most car ornaments are roughly the same, if you have a small ornament that can display both speed, time, direction, gps satellites, is that an innovative ornament? Your relatives and friends will be envious when they see such a cool piece of equipment in your car, so why wouldn’t this be a good choice?


M1 is a GPS speedometer for all cars, no need to worry about compatibility issues.

With GPS compass to show the direction of travel while driving, so you don’t get sidetracked on your journey.

The built-in advanced chip will display the speed when searching for satellites. When you find that the product does not display the speed, please note that the product is searching for satellites.

There are many reasons that affect the speed of the product, such as overpasses, garages or densely built-up areas that can hinder the speed of the product; the second reason is that your car has a metal film; the third reason is that two gps products are placed in the car.


Case: Imported thin case, the main body adopts a rectangular shape with a streamlined curved shading design, using brushed metal technology, embedded 3D hovering three-dimensional buttons, made with care and craftsmanship.

Chip: Our AWOLIMEI team carefully designed, after layers of selection, careful research, we chose Taiwan 10 Hz high refresh rate GPS + BeiDou dual-mode chip, refresh rate of 10 sheets / second, fast speed refresh, no delay.

The main board: the middle part is outlined in the shape of speed, creating automatic sensing holes and satellite icons to display speed units, each part is designed just right to present the data clearly to the driver.

Screen: The screen is smooth and flat, fitting inside without bubbles for long-lasting durability.


Two important reminder functions

Over speed alarm reminder: When your driving speed exceeds the default value, the product will emit a beeping alarm to remind you to pay attention to speed safety. over speed alarm is 150KM / H,users can freely set this value.

Fatigue driving reminder: When you drive beyond the default driving time, the product will emit a beep beep alarm to remind you to pay attention to rest.Fatigue driving reminder is 4 hours, users can freely set this value.

The M1 is designed in two colours, white and green, so that customers can choose different colours according to their preferences.


Reflective film adhesion method

?【What’s the M1 hud】M1 is a GPS mode head-up display, unlike most head-up displays on the market, our designers made good use of the characteristics of the windshield to turn M1 into a new windshield HUD.
?【Design concept】The M1’s screen design is very simple, the data projected onto the windshield cannot be too complicated, otherwise it will block the driver’s view. So we designed it as a very simple speedometer, presenting only the most important data of speed in front of the driver’s eyes, at a glance, simple and clear.
?【Main functions】M1 displays speed, with speeding alarm and fatigue warning function, GPS compass shows direction. Speed is available in MPH and KM/H units, which can be adjusted in the setting. When there is over speed or continuous driving for too long, the product will emit a beeping sound to remind the driver, which is like a safety supervisor, always remind the driver to pay attention to driving safety, placing a mini M1 HUD inside the car will definitely add a lot of fun.
?【Automated HUD 1】The product is embedded with advanced light-sensitive elements, which can change according to the brightness. When the light is strong during the day, the product will automatically brighten, on the contrary, when the light is weak at night, the brightness of the product will also automatically become dark.
?【Automated HUD 2】The second advantage of automation is that the product will automatically turn on with the car start, with the car off will automatically shut down, very convenient, no need to worry about the product can not be turned off. Warm tip, if you do not drive for more than a week, please take the product down and place it in the drawer.
?【Instructions for use】Our product is easy to install, plug and play, just use the usb cable included inside the product to connect the car and the product, start the engine to power on and use. When you find the small icon on the product is flashing constantly, it means the product is collecting satellites, and the speed will be displayed only when the device searches for satellites.
?【Note】Please pay attention to the following three important information, ① In garages, overpasses, and dense buildings will affect the speed of the search ② When the same GPS device is installed in your car, it will also affect the speed of the search of the product, which means that the two GPS devices cannot be put together ③ When your car has a metal film, it will also affect the speed of the search of the product.
?【Quality assurance】Our products have a two-year warranty, if you encounter any problems in the process of use can be replaced or other better solutions, welcome to consult us, we will have a professional technical team to answer all your questions.